A Solid And Simple 

Apprenticeship And Mentoring
 Program For Transitioning 

From Residential 
To Commercial

This Program Is For Experienced Single Family Home Investors Desiring A Long Term Joint Venture Partner, And Mentor To Grow And Expand Into The Commercial Income Property Markets!

This Program Does Not Include Any:

  • Distress Properties OR Situations
  • Fixing And Flipping Properties
  • No Property Wholesaling 
  • No Auction Format
  • Not Property Syndicating
  • No Rehabbing Involved
  •  No Single Family Investing

Apprenticeships are very limited.
We are accepting Only 10 Apprenticeships at this time!

What's Included In This Program

A systematic and strategic Process for acquiring Income Producing Commercial Properties.
We work with and for you throughout the entire process. You are never alone, and we want to be your long-term partner on all of your Commercial Property Acquisitions. We will direct your paths and your steps using our proven step by step acquisition process. Our acquisition process saves you time and money because you bypass all non-doable properties and situations. We provide clarity and a simple process of "excellence in execution".  
Not only do we share our processes with you, but we do also them with you. No misses.

Our first transaction will be a $1M to $3M acquisition. If you like the program after our first transaction and we like you, we simply repeat the process and modify the acquisition amounts up to $25M.

What This Program Does And Does Not Involve:

Does Not Involve

  • No Single-Family Home Investing
  • No Distress Property Investing
  • No Renovations
  • No Fixing Up
  • No Empty Properties
  • No Flipping For Profits
  • No Sweat Equity

Does Involve

  • Commercial Income Properties Only
  • Class A And B Properties Only
  • Performing Commercial Properties
  • Renovate Properties Only
  • Properties That Are Fixed And Up
  • 85% Occupied Properties
  • Full Leased Properties

Acquisition Facilitator

Provides you with the exact guidelines and framework.

  • The Types Of Properties
  • Condition Of Properties
  • Location Of Properties
  • Occupancy Requirements
  • Property Class Requirements
  • Prepare Initial Offers
  • Present Offers To Sellers

Pre Underwrite

We will Pre-underwrite your property and:

  • Analyze the Cash Fow
  • Negotiate With Sellers
  • Negotiate With Lenders
  • Secure The Financing
  • Review Closing Documents.
  • Assure Positive Cash Flow
  • Streamline Management

Why Partner With Us?

Look At what We Provide Our Partners:

  • Long Term Partnership - 5 yrs.
  • Property Evaluation
  • Negotiate For You
  • Secure Your Financing
  • Personal Mentoring 
  • Your Own Financing Partner
  • Results Oriented
  • A Long-term Partner in Profits.

Program Requirements

  • Have Been to at least 3 Closing.
  • Understands the property Buying Process
  • Understands The Closing Process
  • Desires To Purchase Income Properties
  • Has 20% to 25% to put Down

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